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FVS Series Vloumetric Screw Dosers

Vloumetric Screw Dosers
  • Auto synchronization to extruder speed
  • Integrated hopper loader control
  • Warning and Alarm outout
  • Recipes function
  • Easy cleaning and disassembly of dosing and mixing unit
Superior metering concept
  • The metering is a superior concept thanks to the combination of our proprietary invention the special dosing screw, the use of a stepper mote, and the uniquely designed electronic controls. With this winning combination, you will achieve:
    - An even dosing rate as the peaks and drops associated with screw dosing units are
       eliminated (see graphics below).
    - Accurate and stable dosing as the stepper motor guarantees a perfect constant speed.
    - An incredible high capacity range of 0.05 to 180kg/h.
    - Optimum capacity control under all circumstances thanks to our advanced control
Vloumetric Screw Dosers
Vloumetric Screw Dosers