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Haitian Mars-h Series
High-Perfomance Injection Molding Machine

Haitian will consistently and persistently introduce advanced plastic injection molding technology to the market. In close cooperation with our customers, we are always seeking for new solutions in machine engineering and molding processing.
Our MA II/h series high-performance injection molding machines come with an overall improved design. We have carried out great improvements regarding issues that occur during short cycle high-speed molding processes such as oil leakage or machine lifetime.
Using modern processing technologies and advanced injection control, we can guarantee a short response time as well as high efficiency, performance and stability.
The MA II/h series with its advanced performance is widely used in the plastic processing industry. Especially for thin-wall products and multi-cavity roducts, but also in the traditional industry, it remarkably increases the product efficiency.
Haitian Mars-h Series
Multifarious: Broader Process Window
Thanks to an immense increase of the injection speed compared to common machines and a sustantially shortening of the response time, a broader variety of products can be manufactured.
Solid: Stronger Mechanical Structure
Optimization and strengthening of the clamping and injection unit as well as the machine base; an increased machine weight by 30% compared to common machines guarantees the reliability required for high-speed production.
Fast: Increased Productivity
In order to meet the process characteristics of injection molding manufacturing, an optimized and combinational design, including mechanical parts, hydraulics and controls, greatly shorten the cycle time of the injection molding production.
Economical: Lower Cost
A high performance servo system meets high precision and energy saving requirements, a dynamical system with an optimized torque allows the frequent start and stop of the motor as required for short cycle products.
  • A High injection speed
    High-speed filling leads to a relatively lower interior stress of the product, which reduces the risk of deformation and the weight of the end product.
  • B Shorter Dry Cycle Time
    A wide range of screw designs are available according your material processing requirements
Haitian Mars-h Series
Haitian Mars Ⅱ / h Series
High-Performance Injection Molding Machine
  • 1 Machine structure design for a long lifetime
    A double relief notch structure is used for the tie bars to more evenly distribute the stress on tie bars and screw thread, which leads to a longer lifetime.
  • 2 High precision double linear guide rail
    Minimal friction factor, injection and plasticizing process resistance low, and well distributed
  • 3 High load, self-lubricating shaft bearing
    Machine wear and tear reduced, lower maintenance cost and less oil staining.
  • 4 High response oil-channel design
    Rapid injection speed acceleration, response time increased by 100% compared to common machines, guarantees the perfect filling of products with a high flow length ratio.
  • 5 Highly rigid machine body
    Finite element analysis applied on initial machine body; compared to machine bodies with similar load, deformation reduced by more than 30%, thus the stability of the whole machine significantly increased.
Haitian Mars-h Series
Our Service:
Professional All-round Service
Rest assured that our senior pre- and after-sales service engineers always provide you with excellent injection molding guidance as well as efficient solutions in the unlikely event of any issues occurring.
Comprehensive Package Service
Besides our plastic injection molding equipment, we also offer comprehensive sets of equipment such as in-mold labeling (IML) systems (incl. injection molding machine, mold, labels, labeling machine, conveyor, as well as corresponding training and guidance for operation and key technology).
Professional Mold Testing Service
We offer professional mold testing areas with complete equipment to meet various mold testing requirements for all kind of end products.
Customized Service
No matter what kind of special requirements you might have, whether the program has to be amended, extra functions have to be added or special specifications are requested - we will always meet all your requirements, because we do not only provide satisfying products, but also products that meet your needs.
  • Application for Civilian and Household Industry
    • Description: Simple clothes hanger
    • Material: PP
    • Weight: 35g
    • Mold cavity: 4 out of 1
    • Used machine model : MA 2700Ⅱ/1100h (Cycle time: 18 sec)
    • Formerly used machine model : MA 2800Ⅱ/1350 (Cycle time: 22 sec)
  • Haitian Mars-h Series
  • Application for Civilian and Household Industry
    • Description: Middle sized rectangular food storage box
    • Material: highly transparent PP
    • Weight: 75g
    • Mold cavity: 4 out of 1
    • Used machine model: MA 3300Ⅱ/1700h (Cycle time: 22 sec)
    • Formerly used machine model: MA 3200Ⅱ/1700 (Cycle time: 26 sec)
  • Haitian Mars-h Series
  • Application for Thin-wall Packaging
    • Description : Disposable aviation cup
    • Material : PS
    • Weight : 10.3g
    • Mold cavity : 8 out of 1
    • Used machine model : MA 3300Ⅱ/h (Cycle time: 8.5 sec)
    • Formerly used machine model : 320 T machine (Cycle time: 12.2 sec)
    • Description : Food take-away box
    • Material : PP
    • Weight : 15.5g
    • Mold cavity : 4 out of 1
    • Used machine model : MA 3300Ⅱ/h (Cycle time: 5.8 sec)
    • Formerly used machine model : 320 T machine (Cycle time: 8.1 sec)
  • Haitian Mars-h Series
  • Application for Medical Industry
    • Description : Needle guard
    • Material : PP
    • Weight : 0.57g
    • Mold cavity : 228 out of 1
    • Used machine model : MA 2700h (Cycle time: 11.4 sec)
    • Formerly used machine model : 280 T machine
      (Cycle time: 15.2 sec, high rate of spoiled products)
    • Description : 5ml Syringe
    • Material : PP
    • Weight : 2.5g
    • Mold cavity : 48 out of 1
    • Used machine model : MA 2700h (Cycle time: 10.2 sec)
    • Formerly used machine model : 250 T machine (Cycle time: 14.9 sec)
  • Haitian Mars-h Series
Specification Product
MA1700h, MA2100h, MA2700h view
MA3300h, MA3900h, MA4800h view
MA1600h,  MA2000h,  MA2600h,  MA3200h,  MA3800h,  MA4700h view
MA1600h ~ MA4700h Platen dimensions(Moving platen/Mounting hole dimension - Takeout Robot / Sprue ) view