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Zhafir Venus Series
All Electrical Energy Saving Injection Moding Machine (40Ton ~ 550Ton)

Standard Equipment List

Injection unit

  • Antiware screw ( Nozzle open type )
  • Nozzle safety guide
  • Injection 6 stage, hold pressure 4 stage, charge 3stage, back pressure 3 stage
  • Screw withdrawl mode ( After hold pressure / charge )
  • Screw withdrawl mode
  • Charging mode
  • Screw
  • Speed / Pressure switch mode ( position,time,pressure,speed )
  • Injection Speed Response mode
  • Injection pressure section control
  • Hold pressure section speed control
  • Screw position set up ( 0.01mm)
  • Hold pressure time setting
  • Clamp opening during charging
  • Cylinder heater closed-loop control
  • ( temperature sensor K/J type option )
  • Cylinder temperature keeping mode
  • Cylinder temperature auto on / off mode
  • Cylinder pre-heating mode
  • Cylinder temperature control
  • Material overheating control
  • Screw premature start up preventive device
  • Auto purge
  • Screw speed display
  • Nozzle movement section setting ( switch/time)
  • Nozzle withdrawl selection (3 mode )
  • Nozzle coupler
  • Nozzle center adjsutment
  • Hopper throat temperature closed-loop control
  • Injection unit swiveling function
  • Nozzle section temperature control

Clmaping Unit

  • 6 stage moving section setting
  • Mold protection setting
  • Injection mode
  • Clamp opening during cooling
  • Injection during mold opening
  • 2 stage mold open / close process
  • In mold cut function
  • Ejecting during mode opening & closing
  • Mechanical,electrical safety device
  • Clamping adjustment
  • Clamping force setting
  • Ejector
  • 3 stage ejecting
  • Ejector forward retardance / vibration function
  • 2 stage ejector stroke mode
  • Ejecting mode according to situation
  • Ejector return signal confirmation
  • Cooling warter distributor
    ( 6ea up to 150 ton , 8ea over 150ton )
  • Mold locate Ring ( fixed Platen )
  • Ejector pin protection interface
  • Mold installation mode ( low speed )
  • Shut off nozzle interface
  • Emergency stop ( both side )
  • Robot Installation layout
  • Central lubrication oil feeding system
  • Platen movement s-curve

Controller & Monitor

  • 15 inch TFT color touch screen
  • Mold data memory 200ea
  • Alarm / data setting memory
  • USB R/W interface ( 3 set )
  • Injection pressure speed graph display and memory
  • Multi-language (Chn, Ger, Eng,Jap etc)
  • Meter/inch option
  • I/O monitor / printer interface ( usb connector)
  • Production cycle monitor / profile monitor
  • Production data memory
    ( 5000 cycle display, 100,000 cycle display )
  • Production data graph
  • Parameter error setting / emergency alarm
  • Injection molding memory
  • Machine display
  • Quick main data setting
  • Data management / Clamping force graph
  • Cylinder temperature graph / realtime operating sequence graph
  • 3 color alarm lgiht / Buzzer
  • Injection overflow detection
  • Activaed operating data display
  • Multi motion during alarming


  • Standard color
  • Anti vibration pad
  • 3 sets of auxiliary power outlets (16A-2set, 32A-1set )
  • Hopper
  • Mold clamp
  • T-bolt & nut for mold clamp
  • Hopper movemnt support
  • Tool box
  • Spare part
  • Cover for machine

Options List

Injection Unit

  • Chromium plating screw
  • Antiwear,corrision screw
  • High capacity nozzle heating band
  • Long nozzle / mold inner pressure
  • Shut off nozzle ( spring type )
  • Customized nozzle heater
  • SUS Hopper

Clamping unit

  • SUS Hopper
  • Airblow off ( Air ejector )
  • Compressed gas ejector
  • Hydraulic power package ( core / valve gate )
  • Hydraulic core interface ( program only )
  • Compressed gas core interface ( program only )
  • Valve gate zero interface
  • Cooling water flow meter ( glass type )
  • Customized clamping plate ( T groove )
  • Mold detachmentt electrical interface
  • Daylight extension
  • Mold Slide block protectin interface
  • Ejector
  • Mold auto clamping device ( Pneumatic / hydraulic )
  • Ejector hold unit
  • Hot runner control
  • Product chute
  • Safety door in operating side
  • Clamping force auto controller
  • Product good / bad check device
  • Product drop confrimation sensor

Controller & Monitor

  • Mold temperature setting & display
  • Flap interface
  • Heater failure section check
  • Cooling water distributor
  • External transformer
  • Euromap 67 robot interface
  • Gas injection interface
  • Magnetic clamping plate
  • Mold cavity presssure check interface


  • Certificate ( CE, UL )
  • Heater band
  • Cylinder isolated cover

Zhafir Venus Series All Electrical Energy Saving Injection Moding Machine

Precision control by AC servo motor
Venus Series Servo motor output control varies in accordance to system load. Through Advanced AC servo motor technic, it convert efficiently 10% energy saving more than general servo type IMM.
Venus Series can save energy 50~70% comparing to hydraulic IMM.
Zhafir Venus Series All Electrical Energy Saving Injection Moding Machine
Advantage of Zhafir Venus Series
  • Energy Saving : Excellent performance and 70% Energy saving comparing hydraulic system
  • Designed for Customers safety and convenience
  • Servo motor to achieve a faster and more accurate performance
  • Modular Injection system for wide range option in screw size
  • Durable and eco-friendly machine with a high degree of mechanical stability and life-cycle
  • The most recent standardized operating control system of Sigmatek.

Clamping Unit
  • The redesigned 5-point-toggle-system guarantee high speed & provides efficient and reliable movement
  • Independent servo motor system control clamping movement
  • The platens designed by Finite Element Analysis software and five-point inward moving toggle system ensure high rigidity and precision for mold clamping and also reduce the stress and distortion.
  • The rear platen that is free-floating for stress alignment can reduce the probability
    of tie bar breakage and ensure that clamping unit works normally at high speed
    and pressure.
  • Automatic mold adjustment function. When changing to a different mold,
    the clamping force can adjust automatically through data setting.

New Fixed Platen Design – Reduced Platen stress
  • Lower Platen Flex and Center Distortion
  • Displacement Contours/data vision.
  • Max/Min displacement poor is 0.1429mm.
  • Mold center and edge of the relative deformation is 0.0503 mm.

New Moving Platen Design – Reduced Moving Platen stress
  • Lower Platen Flex and Center Distortion
  • VE max stress is 61 Mpa (mold size 0.7times tie bar spacing)
  • Higher center focused clamping force
  • The new design reduces platen flex with increased clamping force in the center
    of the platen reducing mold flashing.

Injection Compression Mold
Mold opening and closing is freely in combination with the injection, programing is broadly applicable and belongs to the low-pressure injection molding. It is useful in solving the stress characteristics of plastic products, decreasing deformation, improving surface quality, expanding needs of the clamping force of the injection of the equipment and parameter will also greatly extend the service life of the equipment, as well as reduce the cost.
Mold Opening Stafe → Initial Mold Close → Mold Opening Again → Fianl Close (Compressed)
New Quick Release Ejector Coupling
Simple and easy ejector bar removal
Injection Compression Mold
Redesigned Platen Support System
Better support with convenient adjustment and easer maintenance
Improved Mold Height Position Control
The improved encoder drive accuracy, with reduced side loading and reduced interference during platen movements
Injection Compression Mold
Mold Protection Function

Injection Unit
The latest drive system provide the high precision and the response of injection
  • Each Clamping structure can be compatible with four different injection types
  • Various screw diameter is ready and it can be chosen to fit the product characteristics.
  • Injection and ejecting controlled by independent servo motor system able to operate a complex combination of closed-loop monitoring and control.
  • The diagonal of a servo electric motor induce a longitudinal direction parallel ejecting within 0.01mm precision
  • Temperature of resin controlled precisely by Close loop control of screw and cylinder temperature.

Swivel Injection Unit
  • Swivel injection unit for convenient screw removal

Redesigned Machine Frame

Control System
The state-of-the-art control system's Sigmateck realize Design and human-friendly interface
in simple, fast, and convenient operation. It is space that the machine fully interactive exchanges
with people.

  • 15-inch color touch LCD screen
  • High speed data transfer bus
  • Mold Profile data memory ( up to 200sets)
  • Three general-purpose USB interfaces
  • Multi language available
  • Provide additional display to service engineer for easy maintenance

Programable core/ ejector function
Programable core/ ejector function
Screen protector with stylus pencil
  • Protective screen cover provides greater protection in harsh environments
  • Stylus pencil for easier screen navigation
High Performance Servo Motors

Specification Product
VE400,  VE600 view VE900 view
VE1200 view VE1500 view
VE1900 view VE2300 view
VE3000 view VE3600 view
VE3800 view VE4500 view
VE5500 view
VE400 ~ VE5500 Nozzle dimensions view
VE400 ~ VE5500 Mounting hole dimension view
VE400 ~ VE5500 Platen dimensions(Moving platen) view

Presentation Movie
VE1900 view
VE3000 view