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Haitian Mars-e Series
Hybrid Precision Injection Molding Machine (60Ton ~ 530Ton)

Standard Equipment List

Injection Unit

  • Start point control(time and position)- injection switches to hold pressure
  • Injection position monitoring function, controlled by injection position transducer
  • Purge safety cover
  • Nozzle safety cover
  • Barrel heater insulating cover
  • Plasticizing cold start prevention function
  • Nozzle centering alignment device
  • Suck back function
  • High torque motor for screw plasticization
  • Screw plasticizing and back pressure control function
  • PID barrel temperature control
  • Automatic purging function
  • Anti-slip aluminum cover
  • Screw speed detection function
  • Injection 6 stages, hold pressure 5 stages, charge 3 stages, with pressure and speed adjustable
  • Slide type hopper support ( Upto 470 )
  • Product chute ( Upto 280 ton )

Hydraulic pressure control unit

  • Proportional pressure & flow control
  • Oil temperature check and oil temperature limit alarm
  • By-pass oil filter
  • Alarm function of filter core clogged
  • Hydraulic safety
  • Core (Mov.platen 1 set; reserve 1 set)
  • Oil cooler
  • Protection chain for hydraulic hose

Clamping Unit

  • High performance fixed pump + quick response proportional pressure & flow control
  • Mold open/close 5 phases, with pressure and speed adjustable
  • Mold platen in box structure, under reasonable strain analysis
  • Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock device
  • Mold height adjustment conducted by gear driven by hydraulic motor
  • Automatic toggle greasing system by central lubrication device
  • Muti modes of ejector, with pressure and speed individually setted
  • Automatic mold height adjustment
  • Mold cooling water interface
  • Low pressure and mold protection function
  • Position transducer for mold open/close and ejection
  • Mechanical coupling for easier ejecting
  • Intensified wear-resistant supporting tracks for movable platen
  • Differential and fast mold clamping device
  • T-slot mold platen

Electrical Control Unit

  • Electrical interface for robot
  • Parameter protection lock
  • PID barrel heating
  • System oil temperature warning device, oil temperature deviation display
  • Multiple setting of internal mold memory
  • High precision displacement sensor system
  • Auto malfunction analysis, display and report accident causes
  • 3 sets of auxiliary power outlets for auxiliary equipment
  • Emergency stop button
  • Built-in printer interface
  • Real-time inspection and display operation
  • Electric motor safety protection device

  • System hareware I/O testing function
  • Product Drop confirmation device ( uptp 280ton)
  • Electrical hardware interlock protection function
  • Swiveling Control Box
  • Adjustable Anti-vibration Pad
  • Accessary Box


  • Bi-metal cyilinder & screw
  • Hopper throat temperature control device
  • PET cyilnder & screw
  • PC cylinder & screw
  • PMMA chromium plating screw
  • 1 stage up charging motor/pump
  • Daylight extension (20~40mm)
  • Shut off nozzle
  • Reduction min mold height ( 50mm )
  • Clamp open fixed stopper
  • Double hydraulic core
  • Core 3 set ( over 250ton )
  • Air core valve (FESTO)
  • Ejector or core during mold opening
  • Mold cooling water distributor
  • Air conditioner in control box
  • UPS
  • Ejecting confirmation switch interface
  • Nozzle temperature limit switch control
  • Pressure gauge switch
  • Low pressure mold protection relief valve
  • Core pressure reduction valve
  • Air valve
  • Air filter
  • Transparent cooling water distributor
  • Hydraulic oil heating device

Control System
High reproducibility controller
The Haitian Mars Series Economy version uses a control technology from Taiwan which has been designed to perfectly fit the standard injection molding processes. The special twin CPU controller and the display are operating independently and provide a high reliability. The logic and clear structure of the functions make machine operation easy and convenient as well as user-oriented.

A high-speed 80 MHZ CPU with 0.5ms scan cycle time ensure faster system response and improves the machine performance and precision. A screen saving function extends the LCD display life. Logically structured displays based on convenient indication of the machine operation and maintenance.

The data hardware interlock protects against unauthorized access for modifying the molding parameter and effecting the machines performance.

A closed loop barrel temperature control function guarantees the accurate and consistence temperature control up to 450°C.
All electrical control components are clearly arranged and connected, protected by dustproof and waterproof electrical cabinets

It can save energy consumption about 20%~80% In accordance with operational condition.

Haitian Mars Series 에너지 절약형 모델, 서보모터의 빠른 반응

Specification Product
MA600e,  MA900e,  MA1200e,  MA1600e view
MA2000e,  MA2500e,  MA2800e,  MA3200e,  view
MA3800e,  MA4700e,  MA5300e view
MA600e ~ MA5300e Platen dimensions(Mounting hole dimension - Takeout Robot / Sprue ) view
MA600e ~ MA5300e Platen dimensions(Moving platen) view