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Haitian Mars-G Series
Hybrid Precision Injection Molding Machine (86Ton ~ 1000Ton)

Haitian is dedicated in providing customers with new technology to improve the production of their plastic parts. Our close cooperation with customers provide a better understand for the challenges facing the injection molding industry

The Haitian Mars/G classic series of injection molding machine, incorporates the latest energy saving technologies.
With a robust design and strong mechanical structure, the machine is optimized for durability and a long working life.

The user intelligent user-friendly control system provides for easy machine setup with reliability and precision for the molded part.
Strive for excellence
  • Continuous improvement with customer communication for optimized growth
Quality assurance
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing with international quality practices
Strong flexibility
  • Modular machine design,with variable machine configurations
Professional Service
  • Prompt and efficient service support
Safe Operation
  • Global safety standards according your region are strictly followed and compliant
  • A Multi-point Ejection System
    A great advantage for molds with different ejection requirements
  • B Various Plasticizing Screws
    A wide range of screw designs are available according your material processing requirements
  • C Automatic lubricating system
    The cllamping unit is optimized for precise lubrication of all moving parts
Haitian Mars-G Series
  • D High performance servo motor
    Highly responsive with closed loop control for stability and precision
  • E Excellent injection performance
    Twin-cylinder injection unit, with strong guide system ensures durability and precision during the injection/charging stages of the molding cycle
Haitian Mars-G Series
Patented Servo Hydraulic Drive System for Injection Molding Machines
Haitian is the global leader for servo hydraulic plastic injection molding machines
The Mars Series machine was launched to the market in 2007, with more than 120000 machines sold has become the industry bench mark.
The patented servo motor /gear pump drive system was designed as a system and not the combination of standard market components as used by our competitors.
This translates into a significant advantage for repeatable high precision and low energy consumption for different molding applications and processing materials.
  • A Power consumption
    The Mars II drive system provides significant cost savings for machine energy consumption compared to traditional hydraulic drive systems.
  • B Water consumption
    The consumption of hydraulic oil cooling water is dramatically reduced due to the on-demand control of the servo drive system. Only the required quantity of oil is used during each stage of the machine cycle, which eliminates bypass oil wastage as found in traditional hydraulic systems.
  • C Servo motor with counter-rotation gear pumps
Haitian Mars-G Series
  • Servo Hydraulic Drive System
    The drive system utilizes are rotary encoder with pressure transducer for closed control for all machine movements.
    The precision and repeatability guarantees consistent molding parameters during the complete molding cycle. Fast speed and pressure changes provide a broad processing window for the molded part.
  • Haitian Mars-G Series
Excellent energy-saving drive system
The drive system automatically adjusts the oil pressure and flow according each stage of the molding cycle.
The motor speed constantly changes speed to deliver the exact requirement to avoid any wastage, significantly reducing the energy consumption of the machine.
During the cooling stage of of the molding cycle, the motor stops, preventing undue energy consumption.
This is a great advantage for thicker walled parts with long cooling times. Another significant advantage of the servo drive system is the energy consumption during the "holding stage" of the molding cycle. The motor reduces speed to only deliver the oil flow required to maintain the require pressure. Energy savings of 30% to 80% are achievable according the parts being produced.
Haitian Mars-G Series
Specification Product
MA860G, MA1200G, MA1600G, MA2000G view
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