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Haitian Mars Series
Hybrid Precision Injection Molding Machine (60Ton ~ 4000Ton)

2nd Generation Machine Series
2nd Generation Machine Series is integrating all the benefits of the existing hydraulic molding machine. It also has been improved by using a high power servo motor dynamic control system and developed clamping device with improved servo hydraulic system.
The energy saving performance has been further improved, the operation of the molding machine has been faster. The new control system can increase the overall system efficiency and molding capabilities.
Standard Equipment List

Injection Unit

  • Start point control(time and position)- injection switches to hold pressure
  • Injection position monitoring function, controlled by injection position transducer
  • Injection safety cover
  • Nozzle safety cover
  • Barrel heater insulating cover
  • Plasticizing cold start prevention function
  • Nozzle centering alignment device
  • Suck back function
  • High torque motor for screw plasticization
  • Screw plasticizing and back pressure control function
  • PID barrel temperature control
  • Automatic purging function
  • Anti-slip aluminum cover
  • Screw speed detection device
  • Injection 6 stages, hold pressure 5 stages, charge 3 stages, with pressure and speed adjustable
  • Slide type hopper support (Upto 470 ton )
  • Product chute ( Upto 280 ton )

Hydraulic pressure control unit

  • Proportional pressure & flow control
  • Oil temperature check and oil temperature limit alarm
  • By-pass oil filter
  • Alarm function of filter core clogged
  • Hydraulic safety
  • Core (Mov.platen 1 set; reserve 1 set)
  • Oil cooler
  • Protection chain for hydraulic hose

Clamping Unit

  • High performance fixed pump + quick response proportional pressure & flow control
  • Mold open/close 5 phases, with pressure and speed adjustable
  • Mold platen in box structure, under reasonable strain analysis
  • Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock device
  • Mold height adjustment conducted by gear driven by hydraulic motor
  • Automatic toggle greasing system by central lubrication device
  • Muti modes of ejector, with pressure and speed individually setted
  • Automatic mold height adjustment
  • Mold cooling water interface
  • Low pressure and mold protection function
  • Position transducer for mold open/close and ejection
  • Mechanical coupling for easier ejector connection
  • Intensified wear-resistant supporting tracks for movable platen
  • Differential and fast mold clamping device
  • T-slot mold platen

Electrical Control Unit

  • Electrical interface for robot
  • Parameter protection lock
  • PID barrel heating
  • System oil temperature warning device, oil temperature deviation display
  • Multiple sets of internal mold memory
  • High precision displacement sensor system
  • Auto malfunction analysis, display and report accident causes
  • 3 sets of auxiliary power outlets for auxiliary equipment
  • Emergency stop safeguard device
  • Built-in printer interface
  • Real-time inspection and display operation
  • Electric motor safety protection device
  • System hareware I/O testing function
  • Product Drop confirmation device ( uptp 280ton)
  • Electrical hardware interlock protection function
  • Swiveling Control Box
  • Adjustable Anti-vibration Pad
  • Accessary Box


  • Bi-metal cyilinder & screw
  • Hopper throat temperature control device
  • PET cyilnder & screw
  • PC cylinder & screw
  • PMMA chromium plating screw
  • 1 stage up charging motor
  • Daylight extension (20~40mm)
  • Shut off nozzle
  • Reduction min mold height ( 50mm )
  • Clamp open fixed stopper
  • Double hydraulic core
  • Core 3 set ( over 250ton )
  • Air core valve (FESTO)
  • Ejector or core during mold opening
  • Mold cooling water distributor
  • Air conditioner in control box
  • UPS
  • Ejecting confirmation switch interface
  • Nozzle temperature limit switch control
  • Pressure gauge switch
  • Low pressure mold protection relief valve
  • Core pressure reduction valve
  • Air valve
  • Air filter
  • Transparent cooling water distributor
  • Hydraulic oil heating device

Haitian Mars Series
Benefit of Mars Series
  • Energy Saving : Highly optimized servo energy-saving technology, with improved efficiency and lower energy consumption.
  • Precision : Redesigned clamping unit with optimized kinematics for higher precision.
  • High Efficiency : Optimized clamping unit provides lower energy consumption and faster movements for reduced cycle times.
  • Safety : Safety system incorporating hydraulic safety valve with feedback to meet national safety standards.
  • Stable : Closed loop servo drive system providing stable conditions for the various molding applications.

Clamping Unit
Proven 5 point double toggle realize Powerful kinematics of the proven 5-point double toggle realize economic speed and power process. Achieve very keen sensitivity during mold closing & opening process, and protect link device from excessive wear.
Haitian Mars Series
  • A A. Redesigned toggle kinematics for higher efficiency and lower energy consumption for Small and large machines.
  • B Fixed platen with centralized force loading and less platen flexing.
  • C Faster clamping movements due to optimized toggle kinematics and position sensing.
Haitian Mars Series
  • D Redesigned moving platen providing centralized force distribution from the toggle system to the mold.
  • E New graphite/steel bushings providing better lubrication and lower lubrication consumption which improves the life of the clamping unit.
  • F OPTION Automatic tie bar removal device for easier loading of large or complicated molds into the machine
Haitian Mars Series
  • High sensitivity : 5point double toggle provide shorten time of clamp opening and closing and clamping force.
  • Exact position control : position sensor control mold opening and closing.
  • Space : longer distance of clamping and tie bar provide max mold height.
Haitian Mars Series
Injection Unit
Optimized injection unit provide higher precision and safety. Double acting nozzle touch cylinder and hydraulic cylinder centralized injection force. According to resin materials, can choose one from three screw type, control and monitor barrel temperature.

  • 1 Special coupling designed for strong screw forces required during the injection/charging/
    decompression process.
  • 2 The rigid one piece injection base supports the common slide rail for injection and screw
    movements, reducing stress and increasing movement precision. The balanced twin
    injection cylinders apply equal force to the screw during injection.
  • 3 Nozzle cover with safety limit switch
  • 4 Optional screw designs for different material processing applications
  • 5 Two layer barrel cover with optional insulation material for increased energy savings
  • 6 Safety chains for high pressure hoses can prevent hoses hurt people.
  • 7 Option: Energy saving thermal covers for each heater. Reducing the radiant heating losses by 20-50%.
Haitian Mars Series
Hydraulic System
Patented Servo Hydraulic Drive System for Injection Molding Machines
Haitian is the global leader for servo hydraulic plastic injection molding machines. The Mars Series machine was launched to the market in 2007, with more than 80,000 machines sold has become the industry bench mark. The patented servo motor /gear pump drive system was designed as a system and not the combination of standard market components as used by our competitors.
This translates into a significant advantage for repeatable high precision and low energy consumption for different molding applications and processing materials.

Haitian Mars Series
  • Patented servo motor to gear pump design.
    The direct drive connection between the servo motor and the gear pump, provides excellent drive torque giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions. The patented drive system is a true advantage for high stability and repeatable molding conditions.
  • High efficiency gear pump for stable operation and low energy consumption.
  • The European servo motor controller is matched to the drive motor for optimal efficiency and repeatable accuracy.
  • Servo motors ranging from 7.5 kW to 160 kW are specially designed to meet the high demands of the plastic injection molding machine process requirements.
Haitian Mars Series
Control System
Haitian Mars Series
Haitian Mars Series
Haitian Mars Series
Standard controller
  • Two parallel CPU‘s for faster data processing with full digital control.
  • Network compatible with the i-net factory management system for real time monitoring of the production data for statistical analysis and process optimization(Optional)
  • Large Internal memory for mold data storage
  • Closed loop PID barrel heating temperature control Optional controller
  • Extended functions for molding applications requiring a higher level of machine options.
  • Cycle sequencer for full function control.
  • Clamping unit/injection unit combinations for specific applications
  • Mold adjust Automatic clamp force control
  • Increase of the maximum mold height.
  • E67 robot interface
  • Proportional valve for mold open/close control.
  • Core/ejection parallel with mold opening.
  • Injection proportional valve
  • Transducer for injection unit position control
  • Special screw and barrels for specific applications
  • Integrated mold hot runner control
  • Closed loop barrel feed throat temperature control
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic shut off nozzle
  • Spring type shut off nozzle
  • Air valve for part ejection
  • Core puller pressure release
  • Mold valve gate control - hydraulic or pneumatic.
  • Oil pre-heating
  • E62 - gas injection interface
  • Platen heat insulation plates
  • Barrel heater blanket
  • Cooling water flow regulators
  • Hopper vacuum loader
  • Magnetic hopper draw
  • Hot air material dryer
  • Dehumidifier material dryer
  • Mold thermoregulators - water or oil
  • Water chiller
  • Air compressor
  • Parts conveyor
  • Product removal robot
  • Robot safety enclosure

Specification Product
MA600,  MA900,  MA1200,  MA1600,  MA2000,  view
MA2500,  MA2800,  MA3200,  MA3800,  MA4700 view
MA5300,  MA6000,  MA7000,  MA8000 view
MA9000,  MA10000 view
MA600 ~ MA10000 Platen dimensions(Mounting hole dimension - Takeout Robot / Sprue ) view
MA600 ~ MA10000 Platen dimensions(Moving platen) view

Haitian Mars Series
Hybrid precision injection molding machine (1200Ton ~ 3300Ton)

Haitian MA large energy-saving servo injection molding machine
Haitian MA large energy-saving servo injection molding machine with its superior quality, has always won the trust of customers at home and abroad. Haitian launches the second generation of MA series on the basis of MA to meet customers’ higher demands. MAⅡseries has adopted more advanced design concept and more dependable hardware, not only with precision improved, but also with energy efficiency best achieved.
Because of abundant processing power, Haitian ensure the precision of all machining parts.
Mean while, due to advanced computer material stress analysis software, the stressed component
such as platen, tie bar etc. can maintain good mechanical strength and rigidity in a very harsh working
environment. It improves overall stability and reliability.

Haitian MAⅡseries is the best choice for users of automotive industry, household appliances,
transportation and other large precision molding industries.

  • 1New optimized hydraulic system and high precision, highly sensitive control components ensure the reliability of piping, fast response,
    good dynamic performance.
  • 2The linear guide rail of screw drive base has low friction, quick response and good follow-up, greatly improved the rigidity and precision
    for the injection unit.(13000-40000KN)
  • 3Turning of barrel support height more convenient (Except 8400 injection unit)
  • 4Using of 110KW, 75KW etc. high-power servo motor not only reduce the quantity of motor, simplified the valve manifold piping and the
    design of electrical control but also compact construction of the machine.
  • 5High rigidity of movable platen base ensures fixed platen and movable platen absolute parallel during the whole course of mold.

Specification Product
MA12000,  MA13000,  MA14000,  MA16000,  MA18500 view
MA21000,  MA24000,  MA28000,  MA33000 view
MA12000 ~ MA33000 Platen dimensions(Mounting hole dimension - Takeout Robot / Sprue ) view
MA12000 ~ MA33000 Platen dimensions(Moving platen) view

Presentation Movie
MA1200 view
MA2400 view
MA8000 view