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Haitian IA(Iapetus) Series
Multi-material Injection Molding Machine (120Ton ~ 1850Ton)

Standard Equipment List

Clamping unit

  • 5-point double toggle system or two platen clamping unit
  • Low pressure mold protection
  • Automatic mold height adjustment
  • Hydraulic, electrical safety gate interlock
  • Fast mold clamping with differential device
  • Adjustable supporting structure for movable platen
  • Variable mode of ejector movement
  • Controlled mold opening / clamping and ejector by stroke sensor
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Optimized lubrication signal
  • Chrome plated tie bar
  • Robot interface
  • Cooling water manifold for mold cooling
  • Turntable
  • Rotating-shaft

Injection unit

  • Single cylinder for injection unit
  • Controlled transfer position of injection to holding pressure
  • Controlled injection process by stoke sensor and position Monitor
  • Injection protecting cover
  • Nozzle protecting cover
  • Protection cover for barrel heating
  • Prevented screw movement before full plasticizing
  • Extend nozzle for spare parts
  • Nozzle alignment adjusting device
  • Three retraction modes of injection unit
  • Suck back function
  • Efficient plasticizing device with strong torque Motor
  • Proportional back pressure
  • 6-stage of injection,5-stage of holding pressure and 4-stage of charging. pressure and flow adjustable
  • Self purging function
  • special nozzle for sandwich/interval machine


  • Customized three color above multi-material machine
  • Servo motor turntable device
  • Proportional valve control for mold open and close
  • Proportional valve control for injection
  • Oil pre-heating device
  • Specialized screw for special material
  • Temperature controller for mold heating
  • Temperature sensor at the feeding throat
  • Hydraulic or air nozzle
  • Spring shut-off nozzle
  • Air valve
  • Core puller
  • Heat insulating board for platen
  • Flow meter
  • Autoloader
  • Hopper dryer
  • Dehumidifier
  • Magnet frame in hopper dryer
  • Air compressor

Note: Normal enhancement of options will not be informed additionally. The pictures are only for reference, possibly a little different from the actual ones.
  • A Additional core puller
    Multiple core puller can be optional to meet the requirement of mold with multiple core puller.
  • B Up to your choice
    A wide variety of screw designs for different polymer processing requirements are available.
  • C Be clear at one glance
    Equipped with the flow meter, the level of cooling water will be clear at even one glance. It also allows to adjust the flowing volume and pressure of cooling water separately.
Haitian IA Series
  • Haitian IA Series
  • Serving as an industrial leader and a technical pioneer in the field of plastic injection molding machines, Haitian started to research and develop multi-component injection molding machines in the early 1990s. Today, the company has yielded substantial results.
    Our company philosophy of “Creating and Extending Advantage” for our customers is paramount in our Commitment for research and development for multicomponent and multi-color plastic Injection molding machines.
At present, Haitian offers the Haitian IAⅡMulti-material molding machines in the following variations,customers can select corresponding machine.
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
  • Enhancing products requiring multi-color’s or different materials to enrich their deign and Provide their customers attractive benefits.
  • As a leader in the manufacturing of PIMM we have been committed to the design and improvement of multi-component machines for more than 10 years
  • With a professional R & D design team, the machine has been developed into 6 model categories with many mutliple specifications for different applications requirements
  • Covering different market segments, the IAII machine has different modular designs for customer flexibility.
IA 1200 II / b-j
Haitian IA Series
IA 18500 II / n-j
Haitian IA Series
The IAⅡturntable machine series is divided into three categories. IA/b (wide platen),IA/n(standard platen),IA/d (turning table + Rotating Shaft)
Haitian IA Series
  • Working principle
    Injection Unit 1 and 2 work in parallel. Ejection(part A and part B), Then the table rotates 180°.After the mold is closed, Both part A and part B injection will be finished at the same time, then the mold opens.
    The process always repeats again as above.
  • Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
The large Multi-material turntable machine is customized to the customer’s requirement for different applications.
Suitable Industries: computer front panels/ High Gloss LED-LCD TV Panels Automotive multi-color applications such as two,three or four color injection for rear light.
Large mold rotation capacity , reliable bearing of rotary table, precise rotation, customized plasticizing units, high efficiency energy-saving system.
Fully customized large-scale turntable machine with four injection unit
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
The Iapetus IAⅡ/i sandwich/interval machine can be used as a sandwich injection or two or more component/single color injection machine.
Thanks to a segregation valve installed in front of the Iapetus IAⅡ/i sandwich/interval machine's nozzle, which is program controlled, different requirements can be met:

The valve turns one time - sandwich injection;
the valve turns several times - multi-color injection;
both barrels are filled the same material - single color injection.
Working principle
Haitian IA Series
Features and advantages
  • Cost reduction and increase of product value Re-grinded, recycled or other low cost material can be used as core component material.
  • Improvement of product design Color effects can be added to transparent products using sandwich injection.
    Special flow effects can be added to multi color products using color assortment.
  • Reduction of internal stress and improvement of part qualitaty.The core component provides significant improvement of the part quality as it reduces internal stress and strengthens the stability, therefore it ensures that the produced parts meet their application requirements.
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
The Iapetus IAⅡ/m Series was constructed according to costumer demand, its clamping unit does not contain a turntable nor a rotating shaft.It provides the independent control of injection unit and multi-material injection by the change of the core of the mold.
Working principle
Haitian IA Series
  • Parameters for equipment
    • L1 the minimum distance of the nozzle.
    • L2 the distance from the side injection nozzle center to the installation plane of the fixed platen, which is the distance between nozzle center of the side mold to the installation plane of the fixed platen.
    • L3 the nozzle stroke of the side injection unit, which can be adjusted according to the parameters of different machine types.
    • It can be used as a standard single color injection molding machine as well as a multi-component injection molding machine.
    • Both injection units can be controlled and switched off independently, which reduces energy consumption.
    • Requires more floor space than the standard machine.
  • Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
Haitian IA Series
Control system especially for the multi component injection molding machines, with two CPU for the parallel processing of data.The newest, easy to use computer control system, with a faster response cycle.
  • Haitian IA Series
  • Electrical control Unit
    • Technical parameters for pre-setting
    • Robot interface
    • Protection lock
    • Self-correction function of barrel temperature
    • Oil temperature alarm
    • Internal memory for mold data
    • High precision sensor system
    • Protection cover for the external wire
    • LCD color screen
    • Alarm function
    • 3-sets power plug sockets
    • Emergency stop button for the door
    • Real-time monitor
    • Motor safety protection device
    • I/O hardware system testing function
  • Screen protection function to prolong the display's service life, more powerful software, increased scalability of the injection molding machine, for example gas and robot etc. expanded support
  • Electrical control box is sealed, high quality of all electrical components, rational composition,integrated protection cover for external wire, strong antiinterference ability, reliable operation.
  • Built-in access system of multiple sets of mould data, easy to mould factory management and realize rapid mould parameters to be obtained, high-speed and efficient for preparation work of production.
  • Combination of system dynamics ,optimization of switching mode maximum realize energysaving and improve the response speed
  • Barrel temperature can be precisely controlled by computer settings and PID closed loop, the temperature can be set in a range from 0-450℃
  • The mandatory I-net network managing system provides rational management tools and functions for controlling, diagnosing and maintenance for each injection molding machine.

Specification Product
IA1200/b-j, IA1600/b-j view
IA2000/b-j, IA2500/b-j view
IA3600/b-j, IA5300/b-j view
IA2000/n-j, IA8000/n-j view
IA10000/n-j, IA14000/n-j view
IA1600/p-j, IA2500/p-j, IA2800/p-j view
IA1600/i-j, IA2500/i-j, IA5300/i-j, IA7000/i-j view