Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot

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  • Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot

Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot
Recommended injection molding machines (800Ton ~ 4000Ton)

  • All Servo Large Scale Series
    • Developed by Haitian Drive and STAR together, using the high technique from STAR, especially fir to supporting 800-1600Ton injection molding machines.
    • Three axles (five axles) full servo motor is imported from Panasonic, which can realize fast operating, precise positioning, and high controllability.
    • The Z axle is vertical telescopic arm which can redouble the speed then the robot can reach the default position in shorter time. At the same time, equipped with the SMC air cylinder, the robot have good sealing, low gas consumption, low maintenance and repair costs, and long service life.
    • Double speed of the fixture to clip, take, put , in and out of the mold, which shortened the working cycle time and improve the efficiency.
  • Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot
  • XTA: All servo series
  • 1800: Vertical stroke
  • H: Two arms
  • D: Telescopic type
  • Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot
  • Customoer of Hilectro- STAR
    Zhejiang ** Mold Co., Ltd
    Injection Molding Machine
    Haitian Mars Series/ Haitian Jupiter Series
    (Two platen)
    Television Frames
Detail Advantages
Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot
High Quality from Precise Components
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Fixture Options
  • 1 Note: When the product is thin and long in radian: The fixture frame is in stainless steel which can not only meet the requirements of the rigidity and strength, but also can adjust the suction angle, so as to reach the parallel adsorption between the sucker and the surface of the products which makes the products taking out more stable.
  • 2 Note: When the surface of the products is irregular and has curvature change: The fixture frame is in stainless steel, and uses the connections to adjust the sucker angle so as to achieve the effects of the parallel adsorption.
  • 3 Note: When the surface of the products is irregular: the fixture use the stainless steel as the frame, at the same time, because the ejection distance is limited, the absorbing action is happening together with the clamping by air driven so as to reach absorbing actively.
  • 4 Note: When the product surface is irregular but has two parallel side can be absorbed: The fixture use the aluminum as the frame with stable rigid. The runner has the signal detection points which can help the grips to catch the products.
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Standard Option
Option Items Description
Delayed arm descent Used to shorten the cycle time by letting the product-side/runner-side vertical arm stand by just above the mold.Setting position is adjustable.
Crosswise Product Used to first carry out posture action on the extracting side and then start traverse action after extracting vertically extended products But in order to avoid interference with an obstacle on mold or the traverse rail,used to carry out the posture action after the completion of advance action. Crosswise position is adjustable.
Extract Side Posture Control During Traverse All the cycles can also be shorten by carrying out traverse return and posture return together after products were released during traverse action.The timing of posture action start is adjustable.
Prduction Control The scheduled production end time is informed by entering the planned production number.Graphic presentation of the production result,sampling feature,etc.,are usefull to control the production.
Maintenance Feature Regular inspection schedules and inspection items,lubrication schedules for each axis are confirmed on the screen.The maintenance history(with data)can be registered or displayed for confirmation.
Extornal Menory The setting data such as the setting value of mode,timer,axis point and packaging can be written in,read out,compared and erased immediately. The data is registered in the external storage mediums(Compact Flash)as setup condition data.
Vacuum Confirmation Unit 1 set of vacuum generator unit(taco)is equipped as standard devise.
Release During the Runner Axis Motion Runner is released during traverse ot traverse return motion when 2 mold plates are used.
Packaging Motion Packaging operation carried out by linking with packaging device of conveyer or of pallet changer.
Alarm History Function Alarm history data are displayed.
Web Functions Connection to LAN via Ethernet permits confirmation and priniting of unloader settings and operational status.The information is transmitted as web data,with no special software required.
NC Step Program The user defined program can be executed during basic operation. Necessary data can be entered or added from the pendant and registered as setup change data.
Easy NC Step Features the simple NC step program settings.This makes it possible to designate positions for interruptions in mold changing operations.In addition,NC point and timer labels can be rewritten.
Conection to PC After installing the software ,connection to computers via communication cable allows to send and receive data, get printouts and edit programs.
Power saving function Power saving mode
Storage function External storage (999molds)
European map European map12
Option Items Description
Defective products discharged Put the defective product to the other place, saving the human resources.
Extraction from fixed mold Standard machines is designed to extract products from the moving-side mold.To extract products from the fixed mold after molding.use the operation mode for this fixed-side extraction.
Delayed traverse Used to let the unloader stand by outside the molding machines's door if there are obstacles in the mold moving section.
Point free packaging Used to make packaging operation at an arbitrary position after the product extraction.
The maximum number of packaging points that can be set is 1024(1 MAX 256 points on one stage).
Remove the loop slip Remove products slip through the fixture
Preventing grease drippings
Release products at two different points Two different products are extrated and released to different positions on the release side.Two circuits are required for the chucking.
Additional vacuum sensing unit Products are extracted with vacuum generator(tacovam)2 circuits.
Shear pneumatic double loop Plastic mouth cut and freedom of movement
Mold close during arm ascent Used to shorten the molding time by starting the mold closing on the way to ascent.
Descent during mold open Used to shorten the molding cycle by starting the descending of arm on the way to mold open.
Product rotation structure(I·II·III·IV) Used to prevent product from hitting the robot in the mold,within the mold or on the release side by rotating the chunk plate.
Alarm lamp The alarm lamp is switched on a light when there is a alarm(error)in the robot.Mounting positions are different with robots.
Automatic replacement fixture One-touch replacement fixture
European map European map67
Bilingual function Language switching between two languages can be used for display.Basically used languages are Chinese and English, and Chinese and Japanese
Control Advantagtes
  • Embedded real-time systems, high reliability, high scalability, high integration
  • Color touch screen, full graphical interface, simple operation (7 inch, 5.6inch, 3.6 inch)
  • Euromap 12 standard, the signal between the IMM and the robot can be interlocked safely. (OP:Euromap67)
  • Release the material pin in the process, the release position and order can be set up.
  • Air pressure checking, can monitor the air in pressure and adsorption pressure, and show the figures.
  • Packing arrangement functions: standard function (256)
  • Has fixed guide mode and free guide mode available for select
  • Large memory capacity
  • The arm of the robot can be in, out, beside the mold.
  • Memorable process, .can support USB offline editing
  • Automatically detective the error and show in the screen
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Hilectro-STAR All Servo Large Scale Robot, Recommended injection molding machines: 800-4000T view