Jecheon warehouse·R&D center

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  • Jecheon warehouse·R&D center
Haitian Korea set up warehouse and training center in Jecheon to be total plastic solution provider with advanced technology product and quick & perfect service for customer oriented.
Training center
  • Training staff of Korean customer and overseas factory
  • Training for level up skill of technician
Practical Factory and technical training center
Haitian Korea start to establish logistic warehouse and training center to Increase customer convenience and product understanding. It is equipped with various injection molding machine and training program in order to solve customer’s problem and increase the efficiency of facilities as well as contribute the development of plastic industry.
  • Practical training in accordance with customer’s section of industry.
R&D Center
  • Joint research development involved from
    initial stage.
  • Research development for Automation and
    unmanned operation.
R&D Center
Education Center & Supplementary facilities
Education Center &  Supplementary  facilities
Jecheon Techno-Center
Jecheon Techno-Center